#NHC4LC June 2018

for TSP's Local Council
Who are you / why are you running?
Hello! I am New Haudenosaunee Confederacy. You can call me NHC if you don't want to type that entire thing. You can generally think of me as a sweaty nerd friendly person who enjoys chilling with a variety of people.
The reason I moved to The South Pacific was for the community. I wanted a community I could be friendly with while also avoiding stupidly pointless arguments. As you can expect, I want to be LC to make sure the RMB is free of trolls, spammers, etc, while also not being tyrannical and/or oppressive.I also won't be a hypocrite and break my own rules.
I also like polls. We all like fun polls, be honest. I would (occasionally) make polls with fun topics and fun options, but not too often. I don't want my poll-making urge to get to the point where other regional officials would have to ask to make the next poll.
How active are you?
I am already quite involved in the government of TSP. Apart from being an active member of the RMB and semi-active member of our Discord, I also am a sweaty nerd that uses Linux have other roles. These are:
Poll: What do you think?
Questions and answers
Do you want to ask a question or give feedback? If so, either send a telegram to New Haudenosaunee Confederacy or send a private message to @Κyle#9673 on Discord.